newsletter, 20.11.2006, 12:00:00

After one year of operational tests, 4500km and 200 hours of silent flight, we introduce independent and affordable soaring solution:


Our X-country flight logs can be found at:


makes possible:

  • soaring without assistants
  • powered flights without limits – you can fly whenever you want
  • reaching active thermals area at a reasonable cost
  • reduction of direct costs per soaring flight (initial powered flight to 600m per 3,- EUR, NOT 3,- EUR per minute!)
  • flying without stress – if you can not find a thermal, the engine solves the problem. You have got more than 2 hours of powered flight at your disposal. No more annoying outlandings.
  • improving you flying skills with more experienced pilot on board
  • sporty performance – DAeC index 80

  • roomy cockpit with outstanding view, ventilation system and adjustable rudder pedals, 4-point safety belts easily adjustable to your body and custom instrumentation
  • time-proven power and retractable propeller system, improved with electric drives, fully automatic propeller positioning and retracting process – very easy to operate, just one switch UP/DOWN
  • efficient air brakes
  • separated disc brakes on the main undercarriage wheels for better steering control with strong cross wind during taxi
  • steerable tail wheel for easy taxiing
  • possibility to mount a rescue system – no need to wear uncomfortable parachutes, weight increase only 13kg
  • special handling trailer - one man handling of the plane in all directions on the ground/in the hangar

We can also supply a closed plane trailer (max. weight 750kg, loaded) for transportation and storage of the DuoBanjo. You can be in the air one hour after the arrival to an airport. Disassembly of the plane takes approx. the same plus the plane cleaning time. No more annoying waiting for others, less hangar damages risks, just a little bit more activity compared to the classic hangar storage (also no need to use the special plane handling trailer). Further info on request.

As we know your own experience counts so we invite you to test the DuoBanjo in flight. Just let us know 2 days in advance and choose the right gliding weather.

Brandejs brothers